Who Am I- Kelly

By Pacific Retina Care

-By Kelly

God Bless Texas!  A Native Texan though I don’t normally sound like one as I moved to Paradise from Florida and have picked up my fair share of pigeon.  I moved and traveled extensively before graduating High School in Stuttgart, Germany.  Then segue my love of cars and motorcycles to begin my career as an A&P Mechanic with my foot in the door to work for NASA prior to getting married and having 2 beautiful children.  My newest Nickname is Nana as I am a Grandmother which brings me great joy.  I have been blessed to live on Oahu for over 9 years and have been fortunate enough to be a part of Pacific Retina Care Team for over 3 years.  I enjoy being able to assist in any capacity from the front desk to helping the Doctor with procedures and am always looking to expand my abilities and education.  When I am not at the office you will typically find me diving, hiking, biking, SUP’n or anything outdoors as I try to take advantage of our beautiful Aina.