What is New in Retina

I look forward to attending American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) annual meetings because this is where new technologies premier. The exhibit halls are packed with cutting edge technologies. Each year we see newer and better diagnostic machines. I bought a replacement fundus camera which is faster and easier to use. Our patients’ experiences will be less frustration because fixation is better. Our new camera will allow our assistants to position the fixation light in various ways to be easier to see and follow.  It will also allow for faster transfer to patient electronic medical records.

The most exciting news was about Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).  This is the machine that takes a magnified cross section of the back of your eye. The FDA recently approved an OCT machine that also studies blood flow, referred to as OCT-A. While it is not true Fluorescence angiography, where you get dye injected into your arm and we study how it flows through your eye, this blood flow study is valuable. While the OCT angiogram will not take the place of fluorescence angiography, it is another tool for me to better diagnose patients’ eye conditions.  It is painless, fast, easy and does not cost our patients any more than having their usual OCT test.


So the next time you come in for an eye evaluation at Pacific Retina Care, don’t be surprised by our latest and greatest diagnostic machines. We believe that this new technology will help us come up with the best treatment plans for your patients.  We will happily explain them both to you and the findings that we see.  I look forward to seeing how useful our new instruments will be.

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