-By Tammy

It is hard to believe that we will be celebrating our one year anniversary in one month. My, how time flies! Every month we get busier and busier. We are to the point that we really do need some assistance. I am having trouble juggling check-in, check-out, telephone triage, working up patients, and assisting Doctor when needed. It is even more challenging when I am absent. It’s time to work on our Policy & Procedures and to think about the hiring process.

It struck me that time has been passing too quickly when I realized that I missed a month of blogging. My excuse is that I am running out of time during the day. And then it occurred to me that my lack of time during the day is due to our patient volume.

I started playing with Mac Numbers and figured out how to graph our monthly volumes. Blue are the number of patient encounters per month and green are surgical cases per month. It appears that we are growing exponentially! We are so grateful for our many blessings!

Happy Independence Day to All!

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