-By Tammy

I am proud to announce that we have entered our second week of private practice without too much complication.  We are enjoying it even more than anticipated!  Thank you to all of our well-wishers.  The office looks lovely full of flower arrangements, orchids, bamboo and more.


All of the diagnostic equipment is finally installed.  We are so lucky to have found MDIntelleSys!  The founder, Dan Montzka, MD is a retina specialist and knows exactly what we need.  I had an entire list of expectations and IntelleChart met all of them.  If anybody is in the market for an excellent ophthalmologic electronic medical record software company, please consider them.  Not only has the product exceeded all expectation (and I did PLENTY of shopping around), but the customer service is bar-none.  Our B scan, OCT scanner and Fluorescence Angiography/Fundus Camera work seamlessly with our MDIntelleSys electronic medical records thanks to their able staff members.  Doctor Tafoya enters his findings and draws the most elaborate fundus pictures, while in the background the software helps him select procedure codes and write the referral letter.  He then reviews and approves the chart note and clicks to eFax a personalized referral letter to the referring doctor and PCP.  No dictation time; no transcriptionist, no printing/proofreading/reprinting/folding/stuffing/stamping/mailing.  WOW!


Last week Pacific Retina Care was also featured in one of our local papers, the Star Bulletin’s Islander.  That was pretty exciting. I am trying to think of other effective ways to market the practice.  Mark has been visiting doctors to let them know that he is ready to assist them with their patient care.  Because we are such a specialized practice, I am hesitant to place radio ads, newspaper ads, and mass mailings.  Time will reveal our best method to spread the word.  For now, we wait patiently for more patients.

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