-By Tammy

This is a momma Fairy Tern waiting for her baby. It is Easter Day and we are at church to celebrate Christ. We were there just the day prior admiring the baby tern, just as we do at this time of year every year since 2002 when we moved to Hawaii. Every year I am amazed at the tenacity of this bird that just does not give up. It has no nest! After hatching, the baby tern just holds tight and waits for its parents to care for it. It literally hunkers down against wind and rain without much shelter. Mom and Dad guard the baby. Mom or Dad flies to the ocean in search of sardines to feed the baby. But on this day the baby has vanished. Still the mom waits for her baby’s return.

Recently I have noticed a preponderance of homeless people throughout our island. It saddens me. Many homeless campers now live against the wall between Ala Moana Beach Park and Ala Moana Boulevard in a line of tents. I noticed a lady at a beach park along Kalanianaole Highway a few weeks ago. She had quite the load of belongings and she lay under a large tree for days. I wondered how long she would remain at the park until one day she too vanished.

These are just two examples of creatures with amazing strength. I am uncertain as to their futures, but I am amazed at their ability to survive through the toughest of times. I remember them every day and hope to emulate their tenacity and endurance. Business planning these past two weeks has been tough. I’d like to throw in my towel marred with frustration, but like these two I won’t give up.

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