-By Tammy

We have demising walls! And we have keys! Hopefully Waikele Center will approve our plans soon and those demising walls will become REAL plastered walls! While we wait I am getting everything else ready.

Last week I met with our builder to finalize our details so that he can get our contract prepared. It looks as if we are still on budget. And surprisingly I seem to still be getting everything that I want! Gorgeous dark, plank-looking, 10 year, commercial grade laminate, bamboo cabinetry, granite countertops. In Hawaii, I have found that many public restrooms and doctors’ offices have cold running water. Mark does not know this yet, but we will have HOT water. I have been keeping him on a fairly tight budget. Won’t he be surprised! And our patients will be comfortable because he usually has shockingly cold hands.

I am not a trained professional photographer but I love to take photos and I love art. I used my own photos for the bands on this website. My good friend helped me to incorporate our logo and the photos into a band. All of my photos were taken in Hawaii. We plan to use them as art in the office as well. But after being dazzled by a local artist’s work at an art show, I have decided to incorporate REAL art in with my own budget art. Check out to see some amazing work! He plans to participate in the Hale’iwa Art Festival where I plan to do some shopping. Local art, nature, water… it is all a theme reflected in our logo.

We were even able to incorporate personal touches into our brochures. I bought some stock photos online. I never realized that you can purchase photos of strangers. I got to pick them. I just love the beautiful lady on the cover! I love the way she is focused while the others are obscured. She is the feature. And our graphic artist mentioned that it is as if she ‘sees’ Pacific Retina Care. I love that she represents graceful aging and that she is taking good care of herself by attending a yoga class.

Our promotional, sustainable, foldable bags are on order. Back to details- when the bag is folded and snapped shut, you will still be able to see How cool is that?!!! And I still can’t get over the quality and workmanship. I received a bag at a meeting that I attended (my idea was taken before I could use it myself ;-)) It is so flimsy and literally transparent. I am afraid that it will rip. Our bags will be gusseted and are thick for durability and strength. They cleverly fold into a small self-made packet that can be stored in your car, your backpack, your purse. I was given a sample of their foldable flat bag. It is in my purse and I use it all of the time. I’d like it even better if it had depth. So I ordered foldable shopping totes. I am very excited to share these with everybody!

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