-By Tammy

Years ago there was a comedian named Arsenio Hall that had his own talk show. He had a segment called Things That Make You Go Hmm. He had the best and most infectious laugh to me. I thought of him recently at church. The sermon was about a few revolutionary priests who proposed a new concept to celebrate Christmas called the Advent Conspiracy. It consists of three points. First, they suggest that we worship fully. Secondly, they suggest that we love all. The last point is the one that really struck me- spend less and give more. Father Rick said that one church donated a quarter million dollars by giving ONE less gift and donating that money to charity. He also said that we Americans spent something mind-boggling like 4 billion dollars on Christmas gifts last year alone. Can you imagine what good we could have done with all of that money?

Being a relatively new practice, we are careful with our spending. Last year, to show gratitude to our referring doctors, we donate money to both the American Diabetes Association Hawaii Chapter and Foodbank Hawaii during the Holiday Season. This year we are doing a combination of things. We ordered customized tins of Cheryl’s cookies. We will also continue the tradition of giving in honor of our referring doctors. Please consider giving one less gift and donating that unspent money to the charity of your choosing. They will be so grateful and you will feel great as well. Happy Holidays to All!

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