-By Tammy

Zoom.  Zoom.  And before you know it, we are in the home stretch.  How can it be so?  But in retrospect, so much has happened.  The gorgeous custom-made bamboo cabinets floated across the Pacific in the wrong dimensions.  I personally reviewed and corrected the order on THREE occasions before approving it.  How do things like this happen?  They were resized locally to save time and money with impressive speed.  Granite countertops arrive on Monday.  Plumbing finishes completed by Wednesday.  Details and cleaning will take some time.  Rather than one month to move and settle in, we will have one week!  And somehow, in the midst of chaos, I am NOT stressing at all.  What a metamorphosis!  Not only has our office space changed, but so have I… and both for the better.  As this chapter ends, our new life as business owners begins and we can not wait.


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