SIX Months of Blog Now Gone, but Do You Like Our Improved Website?

-by Tammy

Yin and Yang.  You take the good with the bad.  Good and bad.  Black and white.  On and off.  Hot and cold.  Google launched their new mobile-friendly update in April.  Yay.  But we needed to update our website to accommodate this change.  Boo.

What do you think of our redesign?  Isn’t it beautiful?  I love the colors.  So soothing.  I am getting used to the captions around each photo.  I am getting used to navigating.  Overall I do like it.  This change reminds me of our recent logo change.  In some situations we will be using our new logo with blue background.  The basic idea is the same.  The colors are just rearranged.  So that is the GOOD.  Now the BAD.

sign… Well, it appears that I have lost our blog posts since April.  Unfortunately I did not save them onto my laptop.  Our web designer was having trouble uploading our new and improved site, so it took much longer than expected.  So bear with me as I attempt to recreate our blog posts; upload all of the photos that went with them; add a new blog posts or two; and update our Pages with the new WordPress (that I can’t quite figure out just yet).  We had found type-o’s and changed staff members and more since April.  I will need to update all of that.  This will take time.  I am still working on our Meaningful Use attestation for this year.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.  Please stay tuned!  We have lots of exciting news to share with you over the next few months.

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