Setting Goals Using a What? A WIG!

-By Tammy

Doctor Tafoya and I took one week away from Pacific Retina Care (sm) this past month to attend the Academy of Ophthalmology annual meeting in frigid Chicago. We learn so much every single time we go. I was lucky enough to attend a lecture about the book The 4 Disciplines of Execution given by one of the authors, Chris McChesney. He is an animate, entertaining and effective speaker! While I am still reading the book, I am pondering how to implement 4DX at Pacific Retina Care (sm).

We have a pretty effective team of staff members and are still growing. I am always trying to figure out how to make them feel as if this is their practice and that we are a team. How do you motive people to take that extra step? How do you motive people to be engaged and as committed as me? It is not easy. While they seem to tolerate my employee handbook, my monthly meetings and my in-service training sessions, I can not help but feel that they are not as invested as me. It is how I operate in any job that I have every had. I can not stand that saying about giving 110% as it is not possible, so I will say that I give a complete 100% of myself to my job and always have.

4DX says that people are most competitive when THEY keep score. We have a goal- to grow our young practice. I report monthly, print up a graph, and at year’s end tie annual bonuses into meeting this goal. Bonuses are also based on performance. As I mentioned in a previous blog, we have met our monthly goal TWICE in three years. Meeting the goal means maintaining that level. So unfortunately I have yet to give a real bonus. Is my goal and bonus system not motivating enough? Evidently not. So how do we encourage our staff to set goals and keep score?

We set a WIG- a Wildly Important Goal using X to Y by a set date. It is very similar to our current goal but much more specific AND has a deadline. Our next step is to set smaller lead goals to help us achieve the WIG. Right now I want to focus on client satisfaction. I believe that happy clients will spread the good word about our practice. So, we are thinking about what we currently do well and what needs improvement in setting these goals. These ‘influenceable and measurable’ goals will be measured weekly on scoreboards designed by the staff. Every week we will meet; report on our scoreboards; and each staffer will commit to doing something to move the goal forward. Then the next week, we will each report on our progress and set a new commitment. I am very exciting about this new process. I hope that it energizes our staff and makes them feel as if they are truly part of our PRC Ohana. Let the games begin!

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