As we all know by now I am always thinking of better ways. What is the most efficient office design (within budget)? How do we make it better? How do we keep a smooth patient flow while allowing Doctor ample time to spend with each patient? How do we make it better? What are effective methods of marketing the practice? How do we make it better?

Way back in the beginning, our wise commercial banker, Randy Lu from American Savings Bank, taught me the notion of ‘top of head.’ He said that you needed to ‘touch’ a person SEVEN times before coming first to their mind. That boggled MY mind considering I give three chances in almost every aspect of life. So who do we want to reach? And how do we most effectively ‘touch’ them?

I just read an article about effective marketing. This article said that 57% of a speciality practice’s clientele originates from referral of other doctors. At Pacific Retina Care, we are closer to 90%. Of that 90%, a majority come from ophthalmologists and optometrists. I believe that our untapped resource are primary care doctors. I hope that diabetic people visit their primary doctors frequently. So who better to monitor their disease and refer out for retina evaluation?

We are working out plans to invite local internists and family practitioners to our office to meet Doctor; see our location in person; and learn a little bit about diabetes in relation to the eye. I wonder if this will be well-received? Doctor tries to go door-to-door to meet other doctors. But their time is precious and he seems to be running out of time as well. Then out of the blue I stumbled upon Retina Update.

Retina Update is a quarterly newsletter targeted to physicians. It is published by WPI Communications. They provided an exclusive list of physicians to us, informative and succinct quarterly newsletters with our demographics printed, and customized envelopes for mailing or presenting the newsletters. They would also handle mailing if desired. The sample newsletter was very impressive and covered a variety of informative topics critical to retina and retina care. I liked that the topics were very relevant and succinct with impressive colored images and graphics.

Perhaps general physicians are not our largest referral source. However, we still feel that we may be able to reach more people who need us by reaching out to these doctors. Doctor sees too many diabetic patients with eye disease that is too far progressed. This irreversible blindness is heart-wrenching to me. I will feel a huge sense of accomplishment knowing that we helped preserve vision a little longer if only we can get patients into our office sooner- early diagnosis. I am very excited to receive and distribute our first quarterly Retina Update newsletter.

For Oahu doctors to be added to our doctor mailing list, please contact Pacific Retina Care.

T 676-4772 & F 676-8772



I, being clueless about building a practice let alone building an office or space, have been enlightened to the detailed process here in Hawaii. It has been challenging, but oh so rewarding. Excitement fills the air. We enjoy each day of the process, but we look to the future of being our own bosses with anticipation.

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