Pro Bowl & American Diabetes Association Hawaii

I am ending my first month as the American Diabetes Association of Hawaii’s Community Board president. In my experience as a retina surgeon, I see that diabetes is of epidemic proportions in Hawaii. I have been honored to be part of the board for the past several years. I try to do as much as I can to educate the community about this serious disease.

This month I conducted our executive board meeting; made a speech at the ADA Step Out! Walk kickoff breakfast; and attended the Pro Bowl Ohana Day festivities to accept an NFL grant. It has been a busy month filled with excitement. My favorite part was Ohana Day. What a thrill to walk out on the field with the other recipients. This is the first year that the ADA was gifted a grant. I am certain that the money will be spent wisely educating the community about diabetes.

In March, we will have the annual Step Out walk at Kapiolani Park. Pacific Retina Care (sm) contributes annually in some way. This year we are Gold Sponsors. We will also participate in the health fair. The first 3000 walkers to finish will receive a ticket in their bag to spin our wheel. Register, walk, and come visit our booth!  We have lots of fun prizes. The health fair is a great way to learn about Diabetes.  See you there!


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