-By Tammy

There are some people with that special gift of giving part of themselves to their audience while speaking. Mark and I were lucky enough to attend an event sponsored by Allergan a few nights ago. The featured speaker was just that kind of special human being. Tom Sullivan is an author, an Olympian, a Harvard graduate, and an Emmy award winner with an amazing voice and personality to boot. Oh, and he happens to be blind. He said that he hopes to list his achievements on his tombstone followed by “who happened to be blind.” He has truly made a challenge into an asset.
He taught us an important acronym: PRIDE. PRIDE to him stands for Personal Responsibility In Daily Effort. He is a big advocate of turning negatives into positives. Mr.
Sullivan said that he desperately wanted to be normal like the rest of us. But why would such a uniquely special individual want to be normal? Thank God for this amazing man who is not normal, but rather extraordinary!

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