Order of the Eyeball- First Presentation

-By Tammy

I presented our first Order of the Eyeball at our last staff meeting. Below is what I explained to the staff about the Order of the Eyeball:

Today we begin a new PRC tradition. It originated from a book I read last year called The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Acher. He writes about a Danish car company that awards the Order of the a Elephant to an exemplary employee. Everyone that walks by the awardee’s desk sees the huge stuffed elephant and inquires. Not only is the staff member’s feat acknowledged, but it is reinforced every time someone notices the stuffed elephant. I have been searching high and low for my perfect Order of the Eyeball pin to no avail. Then near Bourbon Street on Royal I found the perfect pin. Granted it is not an eyeball. But it is a statement. It is handcrafted by a local artisan. No two pins are alike. Our pin is as unique as Pacific Retina Care (sm).

Our tradition will be that the Order of the Eyeball will be awarded every other staff meeting from the person wearing the pin to a staff member worthy of wearing it next. Think ABOVE AND BEYOND. Keep your eyes open always. The awardee must then wear the pin every day. It might be best to leave it at PRC for safe keeping. Every time someone notices the pin, the awardee must explain its significance. He/She must state that it is the Pacific Retina Care Order of the Eyeball pin given for something that you did that was above and beyond. The pin may be awarded to the same staff member as often as he/she is worthy. The presenter must write a short bulb explaining why the honoree was selected. Your photo will be taken and your award will be documented by blog post.

Our first Order of the Eyeball is presented to somebody who has blossomed over the past few months. She shows commitment to PRC by her excellence. She has decided to keep a closer eye on our inventories, which is greatly appreciated by me. She has always had excellent telephone skills. She makes each patient feel special. She talks them through our website to print New Patient Forms. Or she takes their address and send them a New Patient Packet. She always asks if they know how to find us. But the feat worth of our first award is her willingness to lead our Monday WIG (Wildly Important Goal) meeting in my absence WITHOUT prior planning or discussion. I can’t tell you how pleased I was to hear that the meeting was conducted in my absence. Way to go, Dawn!

Dawn Order of Eyeball

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