-By Tammy

Hard to believe, but Pacific Retina Care opens its doors in about one week.  Everything is here except for the OCT which was promised to us on July 1st.  There is some issue with the floor people and the plumber about a toilet flange.  That better get resolved soon!  The granite is in and looks as spectacular as anticipated.  A dear friend has this very granite throughout his gorgeous kitchen and I copied it from him.  Now we will think of him every day that we are in the office.  He is one of our many blessings.  We have been working on patient flow and training our new employee.  We rented a U-Haul moving truck for Tuesday to FINALLY be rid of office furnishings in the house.  Good bye, 40+ chairs, letterhead, brochures, ‘green’ bags, computers, scanner, printers, framed art, lamps, and too many eye books to count.


The most exciting part for me right now is my realization that we have achieved my goal of being a paperless office.

I had heard from many that using electronic medical records is not really going paperless.  I was determined to disprove this.  I even chose not to plan space/budget for file cabinets and patient folders (and accessories).  I am happy to say that minus our patient registration and HIPAA waiver, we will be paperless!  The emr and emp (electronic practice management software) work seamlessly together thanks to the HL7 interface.  The epm company is working with our insurance person such that she can access our server remotely to file our claims.  Granted we have many bills to pay and other paperwork to collect, but as far as patient encounters we are paperless.  Happy me!

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