Nanoseptic Continuous Self Cleaning Surfaces

By Pacific Retina Care

-By Tammy

Nanoseptic- What a cool name. Nanoseptic Continuous Self Cleaning Surfaces. These self cleaning surfaces use mineral nano-crystals and light to disinfect surfaces all day long. This oxidation reaction only requires light to work. It is effective against COVID-19! Research shows that this surface can eradicate COVID-19 in less than 30 minutes. 

My google search tells me that this product is used in airports, shipyards, elevators and shopping malls. Pacific Retina Care has recently added it to our armament to keep you safe. Up next- 70×32” sneeze guards between chairs in our waiting room. 

We still ask a series of questions and check temperatures on all who enter. We still require properly fitting face masks without valves on all who enter (bandanas and gaiters do not suffice). We still have plexiglass screens in our check in and check out areas.  We are still diligent about keeping clean and wiping surfaces with Clorox or alcohol. We still use UVC disinfection in the evenings and operate our high quality filtration systems continuously through the day. And we are almost 100% vaccinated (soon to be 100%). We are doing everything possible to keep you safe!