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Seems that whenever I run out of steam or ideas, I just try not to fret and suddenly BAM! No worries. Having faith in myself and my abilities saves the day ever time. When I fret I just cause unnecessary inner turmoil. I have been suffering from writer’s block. Imagine… me without opinions! And then miraculously something happened last weekend and I am full of words again.

If you have been following our journey as a new small business owner and solo practitioner office, you know that we have been electronic from day one. We are “electronic” because “paperless” is truly a misnomer, as I am learning. I am going to need to purchase another file cabinet soon. We searched for months to find the perfect electronic medical record application. Because Dr. Tafoya is a retina specialist, he likes to draw detailed colorful pictures of the back of the eye, with each color signifying a specific condition. Most of his patients have complex conditions which require treatment(s). So we also need a way to organize all of this data along with patient consent forms. We stumbled upon MDIntellesys (MDI) at a meeting and decided that their software was a perfect fit for us.

On a regular basis we get updated versions of MDI. These updates are included in our monthly subscription. WIth each update, MDI gets better and better. Prior to last week’s we were recently upgraded to eRx. This feature allows the doctor to electronically order a prescription to any pharmacy within seconds. That was big. But last weekend’s update was even more special to me. It made me realize that yes, the software is very important, but what is equally important is the company behind the product. They really listen! Our new update has so many small improvements that make the entire process even easier. Details. That’s what I like!

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