Many Changes at Pacific Retina Care (sm)

So much has happened this summer that it is hard to decide where to start!

Let’s start with our Pacific Retina Care (sm) Ohana.  We were sad to loss four staff members in the short course of six months.  But in retrospect I see that it had made our team stronger.  We are lucky to have dedicated team players like Tes and Gail.  We also welcomed two new staffers.  Dawn is a full-time nursing student who works with us part-time.  Danielle is an experience ophthalmic assistant who moved from Nevada recently.  The four work so well together that we met our monthly goal for the first time in three years of practice!  I was so proud that not only did I mention this on Facebook and Twitter, but we also had a Starbuck’s Friday.  Yum!  We will be welcoming a full-time front office assistant in the very near future.  Stay tuned for more information.

Another huge change is that we rearranged the office on Thursday.  We purchased another state-of-the-art diagnostic tool.  We decided that even though insurance reimbursement would not increase, the added information provided by the new instrument would be of value to Doctor Tafoya and to our patients.  After many years of pondering, we decided to purchase the Zeiss Cirrus 4000 HD OCT.  This spectral domain OCT provided much more detail that its predecessor, the Stratus OCT.  Because the Cirrus OCT’s footprint is so small, we moved it along with our fundus camera into one large room.  Now patients will not have to take a tour of every single room when they come in for evaluation.  Our MP-1 perimeter now has its own quiet room and we have a third exam room.  Now that we have three assistants to work up patients this seemed like a logical decision.  The nice thing about our office is that most of the rooms are of the same dimension, so most rooms are interchangeable.  So look forward to seeing our improvements the next time you come visit Pacific Retina Care (sm)!

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