-By Tammy

After many years as the sole retina specialist for Kaiser Hawaii, Mark is planning to leave and open a solo practice.  We are very excited.  The process began months ago when I realized that Mark could not open a practice alone and needed help.  We are so happy here in Hawaii and enjoy our home so much that we wanted to try to remain here to raise our two children.  We began our business plan.  It took months of research and writing.  Ultimately we decided that West Oahu needed us.




But first we needed financing.  In the midst of AIG, sub-prime loans, US automaker issues and more, we began begging for financing.  We just assumed that our bank would assist us, but unfortunately was not the case.  I was devastated, but determined.  So we began anew in search of funding.  Our builder Randy Wong at PER set up a meeting with representatives from American Savings Bank.  My new banker Randy Lu helped me to make our business plan more concrete and miraculously secured an SBA loan for us.  It was beginning to feel very real!




We scoured the island with our very capable realtor, Blaine Kauwe.  Did you know that residential realtors are not the same as business realtors?  Luckily our residential realtor, Joy Haneda-Agor, was able to put us into good hands.  We looked at building after building in the hopes of finding the perfect home for our practice- a convenient location in good repair with ample parking and no stairs.  I like attention to detail and fell in love immediately.  Waikele Professional Center was to be our location, provided both sides could come to agreement.

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