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-By Tammy

I am sure that you too have heard the commercials. I know that many of our Pacific Retina Care (sm) patients are insured through their employers. We also have patients who are covered by Medicare, a Medicare Advantage program, or a form of Medicaid. I want you to know how very lucky you are! It makes me wonder about that small fraction who are self insured and those of us who own small businesses. How many of us are ready for tonight’s midnight deadline? You know the one that got extended because hawaiihealthconnector was having issues. I have asked Doctor Tafoya’s colleagues, my business owner friends, and all of the ther business owners that I interact with daily. I appear to be the only one wanting the American Affordable Care Act tax credit.

As you must know by now, I am not a procrastinator. I personally have been researching insurance options since October 1st when www.hawaiihealthconnector.com was supposed to be up and running. I have literally spent hours and hours of my life preparing to take advantage of the tax credit that we would reap by converting to hawaiihealthconnector. I learned that I must now include dental, prescription and vision riders. I already pay 100% of basic medical. I just don’t feel that I can suddenly change my staff benefits. In addition, I leaned that I must pay for at least 50% of dependent coverage. This will cost us thousands more per year. But in the end we would (or should) receive a tax credit of 30-50% of the premiums we paid. Sound reasonable? I thought it did.

Alas, I have until midnight to finish my online application. I have tried to navigate their website; emailed a few times; and called on several occasions. I feel like I am so close, yet so far away. All I am supposed to do now is declare my plan selects online. Sound easy? After 20 minutes of attempt just this morning I have yet to find success. This is not rocket science. I suppose that one disadvantage is that I am at the Academy of Ophthalmology annual meeting in New Orleans. I am four hours away. Regardless, I believe that it is insanity to have to go through several screens just to get to the log in screen. And you need to know which buttons to click just to get that far. Once you find that elusive signin screen do not celebrate just yet. Your system, weather it be desktop, laptop, PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone, will likely get locked up or the ‘server’ will be down. Hopefully, you can then vent on a blog or call a friend or take a long walk in the cold rain. Wish me luck! And if you are a rare bird like me and are suffering through this mess, I wish you luck too! My suggestion? Find a broker.


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