Happy Workiversary to Tes!

– By Tammy

Today we celebrated Tes’ Workiversary.  It is hard to believe, but she has been with us for three years.  Her favorite dessert is strawberry cheesecake.  I made one for our celebration.  She also likes purple, so we bought her a purple lei.  Our newest member Kori Lynn was thoughtful enough to make Tes these adorable lollipop flowers made of origami lilies, as lilies are Tes’ favorite flower.  It had been loads of fun celebrating our Workiversaries.  It is  an opportunity for me to try new recipes!  It is also an opportunity to learn about each other.

I have been using part of our office meetings to learn about each other as well.  Last meeting we had to go around and tell where we were from and our family birth order.  Next meeting we will be reviewing our enneagrams again as well as our Jung/Briggs Myers results.  We have had staff turnover since we did this last.  The meeting  after that I will be presenting more challenging questions.  We will build and build until we are more comfortable challenging each other.  I am forever working on building this team.

Happy Workiversay to Tes!  May we have many more celebrations with you!!!

Tes 2

Tes 1

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