Happy Birthday Dr Tafoya!

By Pacific Retina Care

-By Tammy

It’s been a rough few days for everybody, Dr Tafoya included.  I attended a family wedding in California way back when Hawaii only had 2 cases of COVID-19.  Since my return, I have been in self-quarantine which means Doc sleeps in our guest quarters.   Our son arrived from college on Friday and we were supposed to celebrate his birthday with a nice dinner out last night.  That turned out to be carry out from 12th Avenue Grill.  We ate outside and six feet away from the poor birthday boy.

Rashaun said our staff noticed that Doc’s birthday was coming up and they wanted to potluck as a way of celebrating.  I told them that I would have to exclude myself, but could order a cake.  They really outdid themselves!  Not only did they have a wonderful array of food, but they also decorated and bought a lei and bought a birthday card.  If Dr Tafoya did not feel loved before, he does now!  I am so very grateful for our amazing staff.  They’ve not been with us long, Chelsea for only one week, but they hold a special place in our hearts!  Our Pacific Retina Care Ohana rocks!  Stay safe and stay home if you can!