-By Tammy

I have always loved fortune cookies. I have fond memories of delectable Chinese feasts culminating in delightful fortune cookies. It is hard to decide if it was the taste of the cookie or the anticipation of new promise that held the delight. I loved to eat them with hot tea.

As was our custom in my youth, our family take turns opening and reading our fortunes aloud. Recently, after a busy day of patients followed by a meeting followed by back-to-back violin lessons, we gorged on Panda Express’ Family Feast. Chinese food feels relatively healthful compared to other fast food offerings and never disappoints.

It was my turn. I opened my fortune and read, You will have full contentment by Summer’s end. Yes! A good one. Summer’s end? Why, that is just around the corner! But as I thought more about the statement in my fortune I realized that I have contentment now.

I am a goal-oriented person who works hard and takes pride in her work. I am forever thinking of better ways to accomplish things. To make matters better (or worse depending on how you look at it) I am also an intense perfectionist. Because of my work ethic and determination I rarely disappoint myself.

We have a beautiful family; I work hard to raise my children, teach them what they need to know to be successful adults, and provide for them. We have a beautiful home; I work hard to make it perfectly suited to my family. We have a promising practice where business continues to grow. I am FULL of contentment and happy for it. Here is hoping that you will work toward full contentment by Summer’s end!

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