Doctor Mark E. Tafoya and his staff of professionals strive to meet your every vitreoretinal need.

We care about YOU and that is why CARE is in our name.


1. Retina care is a very involved process. Once you sign in on our HIPAA-approved sign-in sheet, we will review your completed forms. If you did not have time to complete them, we will provide you with forms, a pen and clipboard. We will scan your ID and insurance card(s) and take a photograph of you for your electronic medical record.

2. One of Doctor Tafoya’s assistants will call you in to begin your evaluation. He/She will review your Medical History form and ask you a series of detailed questions about your eyes and your general health. Preliminary testing will be performed, including visual acuity, intraocular pressure and other diagnostic tests. We have a series of diagnostic tests catered to your particular condition. Your eyes will be dilated before being seen by Doctor Tafoya.

3. Dilating eye drops require at least ½ hour to take effect. Dilating eye drops can cause blurry vision, especially for reading. The drops also cause sensitivity to light. If you do not own sunglasses, we would be happy to provide you with a disposable pair. Some people do not feel comfortable driving, which is why we suggest that you bring a driver. You could also sit in our comfortable waiting area until your drops wear off.

4. Once your detailed history, preliminary testing and dilation are complete you will see Doctor Tafoya. He will thoroughly examine your eyes and then explain his finding and possible treatment options to you. We have educational handouts but also suggest that you bring a friend or family member to sit in and listen. If you elect to have treatment we will then educate you about that treatment. If it is something that can be done in office, such as intravitreal injection or laser, Doctor Tafoya will most likely perform the treatment on that very day. You will then proceed to the Check Out counter.

5. At check out, we will again review Doctor’s findings; discuss insurance and collect copay; and help you schedule your next appointment(s). We will also give you educational materials as determined by Doctor Tafoya and disposable sunglasses if needed.

As you can see, your initial evaluation is very time-consuming. Often times we add treatment to the evaluation as an added convenience to you, which increases time spent with us.

In addition, retina care involves treating emergencies on a regular basis. This can create unforeseen delays in seeing you. Because Dr. Tafoya gives such thorough undivided care to every patient, you can expect your first visit with us to last 2 hours and sometimes longer.

Thank you for your patience!


  • Completed Forms (see bellow)
  • Photo ID and insurance card(s)
  • Referral, if applicable
  • Insurance Authorization, if applicable
  • List of all medicines that you take, if applicable
  • Your current glasses prescription, if applicable
  • Sunglasses, if you own a pair
  • A driver since you will be dilated
  • Diabetics- possibly a small snack



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