Embracing Change

-by Tammy

Oh what fun. During our interview process I tell prospective employees all about their potential new job and about my expectations. One expectation is to welcome change and encourage others to do so. So here I am embracing all of the change here at Pacific Retina Care SM and making even more changes.
In 2017, which is only about half over, we have lost three employees. I can’t seem to hire them fast enough. But this gives us the opportunity to look in the mirror and improve our delivery of health care. I work hard to keep my employees engaged. Yes, the bar is high- I want the ultimate experience for our patients and my expectations are high. But a few, not most, can rise to it. In return, we give them the gift of education in many ways. We have weekly educational meeting. We have monthly staff meetings. We spend thousands of dollars to let them come with us to the Academy of Ophthalmology meeting every other year. I ask them to research topics and give PowerPoint presentations to us and pay them to listen. We even have a book club where I buy the books and pay them to discuss. We also give them a voice.  In all of my years in healthcare I can not think of one office where staff members are allowed to participate in making changes.  Of course I could make all of the decisions for the practice, but I chose to let my staff participate. I assist them in creating an annual Wildly Important Goal and help them to work to achieve that goal. We discuss how to grow the practice, how to improve our care and more. So this month, our staff, Doctor Tafoya and I will be discussing how to improve our patient experience while also adapting and adjusting to a new way of seeing patients.
While we go through this monumental period of adaptation I hope that you will bear with us and be patient. Know that we care about you more than ever, but growing pains will make your experience feel different. We have the same amazing doctor who listens to your every word. We have the same administrator who works frantically behind the scenes to orchestra every aspect of the practice. We have the same mission statement and passion that inspired us to open this practice in the first place. We are not going anywhere and life goes on.
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