By Pacific Retina Care

Dr Tafoya sees thousands of patients with diabetes.  Uncontrolled diabetes causes bleeding in your eye.  If your eye is not treated, it can lead to blindness. To treat the bleeding is called PRP. PRP is time consuming and painful.  Sadly, diabetes does not show eye signs in early stages, so people see us too late.

There is now new technology that we call fastPRP®.  This technology sets Pacific Retina Care℠ above other surgeons doing PRP in Hawaii.  We are the only retina specialist in Hawaii to own this navigation-assisted laser. What does that mean to you?  If you have proliferative diabetic retinopathy, it means quite a lot. 

Dr Tafoya is using this technology because he believes that it will help him to give you the best treatment for your diabetic retinopathy and help to preserve your sight.  Dr Tafoya preplans a laser treatment mapped directly onto your retina custom to you.  This makes fastPRP® very accurate.

Is it safe?  Patients worry that they will not be able to hold their eyes open and steady. This laser locks onto your blood vessels and other fixed sites.  It stops when you move your eyes.  This makes our laser safer.      

What is traditional PRP? Conventional PRP laser requires two or more visits depending on your pain tolerance.  Our laser is fast and takes only one visit.  PRP requires 1642-3951 laser spots!  Our fastPRP® laser can complete this entire treatment in minutes. 

FastPRP® is delivered at a lower energy level of yellow rather than green light compared to traditional PRP.  This low energy creates less pain for most.

Dr Tafoya has over twenty years of experience as a retina surgeon.  He has performed over 3500 PRP laser procedures.  You can rest assured in the knowledge that you are in the most caring and experienced hands with Dr Tafoya and fastPRP®.



SAFE & SIMPLE for you


and less pain.  What more could you want?

Call Pacific Retina Care℠ at 808.676.4772 to book your appointment now.  Dr Tafoya can discuss fastPRP® with you to determine if this is the treatment for you.