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In planning this blog, I did not ever believe that I wanted to write about health issues.  This is not a medical advice blog.  This is a practice management blog.  But now that we are in our FOURTH month of practice, it has hit me just how profoundly diabetes affects everyone in this state.  Yes, I knew it in my brain.  Yes, it was mentioned in our business plan.  Yes, I read the Honolulu Advertiser’s week long coverage of Diabetes in Hawaii.  [As a side note, Doctor Tafoya is featured in a photo there!  Okay, so it is only the back of his head]  But to actually see and feel the effect of Diabetes up close and personally is an entirely different sensation.


This Tuesday, Doctor Tafoya has the honor and pleasure of speaking to a Senior Club in Waianae about the aging eye.  Because we now have autonomy to do what we feel is important, we have decided to reach out to the community and educate those willing to listen- doctors and citizens alike.  We have had such a positive response inviting doctors to our office to teach them about retinal disease and treatment.  We are fortunate enough to have wonderful pharmaceutical reps willing to host dinner for these lectures.  Tuesday will be our first opportunity to speak to the community.  We are very excited about this!


Diabetes can be a debilitating disease.  It can rob you of your sight, your limbs, your independence- forever.  It is a serious and potentially deadly disease.  People with diabetes, or even people with a family history of diabetes, must seek regular medical care.  An annual dilated eye exam can be the start.  It amazes me just how much we can ‘see’ by looking into ones eyes.  If this applies to you, I’d like you to visit this website and commit to coming in to have your eyes evaluated every year: www.geteyesmart.org/eyecommitted/.  Take care of yourself.  Do it for your family.  Do it for yourself.  As the Nike commercial used to say, JUST DO IT!


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