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Happy Belated Mother’s Day!  We had a busy day.  Miranda’s youth bell choir performed.  It was their last performance until Fall and they did an amazing job as usual.  My family then surprised me by treating me to a lovely brunch at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.  I had never been there before.  What a perfect way to spend a glorious day.  We had so much fun that I even forgot all about the pink.  After stuffing ourselves full, we drove to the office to check the progress.


The air conditioning ducts are in; the drop ceiling is done; plumbing rough-in is complete; inspector approved, so the soil and concrete can be replaced; all walls are up.  We worked with the Zeiss Meditec rep in positioning wall reinforcement for Mark’s microscope.  HIgh and low voltage electrical is next.  Simultaneously, drywall goes up.  Whew!


It is puzzling.  Things are not always as they seem.  I asked for many electrical outlets.  We have lots of equipment… or we will have lots of equipment.  I almost got two sets of FOUR wall plates of two outlets each in succession.  Huh?  Luckily Randy caught that.  What I wanted was a plate of 4 outlets on each far wall.  Thank you Randy!


I am forever impressed with this process though.  Evidently chalk lines are drawn to make sure the walls work out as expected.  It was then that they discovered our office space on paper was not a rectangle but rather a rhombus or something… one side mapped out perfectly… the other not so much.  But seeing those chalk lines enabled me to realize that that side of the office was not what I wanted any how.  The laser room and my office were smaller than walk-in closets!  I did lots of research in designing this office.  The experts’ minimum acceptable space is not much space at all.  I even taped it out on the floor of our great room.  We had a business office, exam room, procedure room and laser room taped out right in our house for months.  But even that did not make me realize just how small the rooms would be.  Somehow what I visualize and what IS are incongruous at times.


So, again, Randy helped me sort it out.  We sacrificed a small storage closet to make Mark’s private office, my office, the laser room and the business office a little bit larger.  The office is a large space, but by the time we compartmentalize to suit our needs it appears small.  Let’s use cozy.  Or how about intimate?  We wanted a warm and intimate space for our patients.  Cold and cavernous would not do.  So, I supposed we got exactly what we wanted.  The finishing touches will determine if we met our goal.  Can’t wait to see the flooring, cabinetry, granite, paint and furnishings in the space!  But it takes weeks for custom cabinetry to float across the ocean.  So I wait… not so patiently.  🙂

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