Curbside Waiting Room

By Pacific Retina Care

By Tammy

Not sure if you noticed but we recently changed phone systems. You might have actually hear music rather than annoying beeps while on hold. Or maybe you noticed that you can now text us. Or maybe you noticed that we have unlimited lines and you no longer hear a busy tone. Our new phone vendor Weave introduced many things to help us through this trying time.  We now have a HIPPA compliant Team Chat to communicate with our staff. We can send mass emails, but not every patient shared an email address with us. They offer a Wellness Form, but it is not compliant with our electronic practice management software.  I think this one is brilliant!

Introducing Curbside Waiting Room. Eh?  Because we are trying to protect you and respect social distancing, we will now let you wait in the comfort of your vehicle. You simply need to TEXT us once you’ve parked. We will note that you are in your automobile. When we are ready for you we will either come out to find you or we will call you. How’s that for customer service?

Please remember that if you’re vision is stable most likely your condition is stable. That means you can most likely wait to be seen.  If your vision gets worse or if you see floaters or if you see flashes of light, then call us ASAP. Doctor Tafoya is available to you 24h per day for emergencies. Listen carefully to our phone message for directions on how to reach him.  Take good care and be safe!