Congratulations to Our New Certified Ophthalmic Assistants

What is a COA or Certified Ophthalmic Assistant?  A COT is a person who has undergone rigorous study and passed a national standardized examination.  It is not easy.  It is common to fail the first time around.  Many potential candidates take study courses to help them prepare for the exam.  Years of on-the-job training is also advantageous.  Our staff members have the disadvantage of working in a very specialized area of the eye- the retina.  They are not exposed to routine eye care or all of the diagnostic instruments associated with it or anything that has to do with contact lenses or glasses.

We at Pacific Retina Care (sm) are so proud!  Two weekends ago Tes sat for the COA examination and passed.  Tes has been with us since 2010.  She graduated from medical assist school but had no experience in ophthalmology.  Tammy and I teach her everything that we can.  We try to support her learning, but she studied on her own.  She is living proof that determination is key.



On Saturday Hilary sat for the exam.  She has been with us for only a few months.  She has years of experience in ophthalmology.  And happily she too passed.  They should be so proud of their accomplishment!

COA Hilary

Brandi is our newest addition.  She is a COA as well as a certified angiographer.  So now we have three COA’s!  The next step for the three will be COT- Certified Ophthalmic Technician if they desire.  But before that I anticipate Gail will be ready to take her COA exam.  Stay tuned.

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