-By Tammy

Blah, blah, blah is all that I hear. Every decision thus far has been very straight forward, almost easy. We have a business plan; we have a name; we have a logo; we have gorgeous business cards, letterhead and brochures; we know exactly which state-of-the-art instruments to purchase; we have a wonderful location; we have a well-thought space plan; we have IT support, accountant, attorneys, builder, architect, engineers… but the electronics are getting the best me!

It is really a crap shoot. It is very enticing to think that HMSA will assist us in purchasing electronic medical records. Unfortunately they have a very limited list of approved software vendors. Unfortunately we live on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific. Unfortunately retina is a subspecialty of a very specialized field- Ophthalmology.

President Obama has proposed a Stimulus Package which is to encourage physicians to go paperless. Sounds too good to be true just like HMSA’s program. Ah, here is the rub! We need to decide on our software now. The package is for the future. We have no idea what ‘meaningful use’ is. We have no idea how the government will decide on certification. Ophthalmology-specific emr’s are not yet CCHIT certified. So we make our best guess and hope that the company we choose will do what is required to gain government approval. $44,000 sounds like loads of money, but it will barely cover software and part of hardware. It is certainly better than nothing. So while we wait for permitting and building, I fret about decisions.

As an aside- now for the fun news! The website is up and running smoothly and I added this blog. Wheeeeeee!!! I should have an office laptop very soon. Super cool foldable ‘green’ shopping bags are almost ready for ordering- superb quality in royal blue with our logo. Thanks again to good friends and family! Again I count our blessing!

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