Back on the Wave

By Pacific Retina Care

-by Tammy

Thank you City and County of Honolulu!  Our leaders created a program to get small businesses back up and running during this dreadful pandemic.  You simply complete a questionnaire online and review proper handling of COVID-19 in business.  In return you get a huge box of PPE within a week!  I found awesome floor stickers to socially distance; an infrared thermometer (funny that it is the exact same brand I purchased already but smaller); gobs of surgical face masks; two boxes of gloves; two gallons of hand sanitizer; one gallon plus three smaller bottles of Clorox disinfecting spray.  Wow!  Mahalo nui loa!  The program is called Back on the Wave and you can read more at 

Pacific Retina Care has installed the Advanced Air Purification Systems by GallatinAIR. This includes advanced HVAC ionization and Interior HEPA/UVC air filtration. Our goal is to make the safest environment for our patients during these trying times