American Academy of Ophthalmology in New Orleans 2013

The end of our Academy of Ophthalmology 2013 experience is coming to an end. Tes and Gail are on their way home as I write this. Tammy and I have one day of classes to go. As always it has been a valuable experience. I learned about a most recent study comparing Avastin and Lucentis. I learned more about retina coding and the new ICD-10 codes. I got to purchase a new B scan instrument and Zeiss biomicroscope. We finally plan to furnish that third exam room. It will be very expensive, but hopefully the increased efficiency will make it worth it. In December we will also welcome our newest Pacific Retina Care (sm) team member, Hilary.

We were excited to be able to share this experience with Tes and Gail. They attended many JCAHPO (Joint Commission of Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology) classes and will share what they learned with the rest of the staff. We treated them to Cajun food for dinner on night. We met for lunch at the huge exhibit hall; gave them a brief tour of our favorite booths; and I treated them to lunch. I believe that they liked the Ophthalmic Photographer’s Society booth the best. The photos are works of art. Both Tammy and I feel that the practice and our patients benefit by educating our staff. We hope that this meeting will exhilarate them and encourage them to continue to learn. While we can not always afford to bring our staff, we were very pleased to do so this year.

The best part of this meeting for me was the interaction with others. As usual the American Academy of Ophthalmic Executives (AAOE) gathering was enjoyable. This year’s theme was Carnival. We met a really nice guy from Baltimore named Jeff. He is new to Ophthalmology, but has years of experience in other specialties. In class, Tammy met this energetic COO from Arizona named Kerry. He originally worked for Macy’s as a career. She also attended a class by one of her favorite eTalkers, Elise Levine, of California. Elise is past leader of AAOE and is so inspirational. But the best interaction was in our hotel elevator this evening. This gentleman and lady entered after us. Tammy noticed his striking tie and mentioned that she liked it. This seemed to surprise him. Then the lady with him said that she knew me. She asked my name, I told her, then she turned to Tammy and said she was Nani. They hugged and jumped up and down. Evidently they are email friends that met through the AAOE eTalk email group. Nani is from Hawaii but now lives in Reno. She works at HD Retina with Hardeep Dhindsa. Then Dr. Dhindsa turned to me and said he follows my blog. I am honored and thrilled at the same time. What a great meeting!






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