Allied Ophthalmic Personnel Week

By Pacific Retina Care

It was Allied Ophthalmic Personnel Week!  Now say that fast three times.  We celebrated all week.  Rashaun had cookies made for us; Tammy made cookies; we had cookies from Foodland; and more.  Yum!  Rashaun also put together the most adorable gift bags for each staff member.  We had Starbucks for all.  Tammy made lunch on Thursday- shoyu chicken, rice, macaroni salad, and kale salad.  We took Friday off for our Academy on Ophthalmology meeting online.

We planned to take four staff members with us to Las Vegas.  But thanks to the Pandemic our meetings were cancelled.  Instead, we are taking classes Friday through Sunday.  We invited the staff to join us online and more than half accepted the offer.  Rashaun, Chelsea, Chantelle, Novie, Jack and Tammy met at the office.  Tammy made kalua pork & cabbage, salad, rice and more cookies for lunch yesterday.  Today we are having Subway and homemade apple pie.