ADA Hawaii Volunteer Recognition Reception

-By Tammy


My how time flies! I promised to write about our lovely evening a month and a half ago.

I have been interviewing and training and helping our team set goals. I am reading 7

Habits of Highly Effective People and trying to apply what I am learning. Much I seem to

know, but time management is my weakness apparently. So here goes…


Doctor Tafoya is on the Board of the Hawaii chapter of the American Diabetes

Association. I was lucky enough to be his guest for the Volunteer Recognition

Reception. For dinner, we had a wonderful feast of Korean delights. After dinner is

when the festivities began. Many inspiring and passionate people abound this

association. I’d like to share a few of their stories.


We were introduced to an elementary school student named Logan Miller. His

grandmother was diagnosed with diabetes and he decided that he wanted to help find

a cure. With the support of his parents, he creates these impressive displays made

of bottle caps. The one on display at the reception was of the famous Stop Diabetes

Now hand. All proceeds from these custom pieces of art are donated to the ADA. He

had given over TWO thousand dollars in a short amount of time. While receiving his

recognition plaque he announced that he had more to give. One at a time, he placed

$100 bills in the hand of the director, Leslie Lam… Ten of them! She cries; I cried.

Check out his work on Facebook. Search for “Bottlecaps for a Cause.” I bought Waialua

Soda Company earrings and Christmas ornaments.


The next amazing and inspiring event came from high school students. Members from two

of the PSA Video Contest winning schools came to receive their awards. We were treated

to watching their creations. What talent! It touched me that these kids took time out of

their busy days and social calendars to try to help others. Congratulations to Ewa Makai

and Roosevelt High School. Click on the HS name to get to their YouTube videos.


Lastly, to our great surprise Doctor Tafoya was awarded a plaque of appreciation!

What a lovely night. Now, we look forward to being a Silver sponsor for the upcoming

Step Out! Walk on March 16, 2013. We will also host a health fair booth following the walk.

Our team had grown from four (Doctor, myself, our children) to 16!!! I was so excited about

our staff support of this event that I ordered Pacific Retina Care (sm) t-shirts for all of us!

Hope to see you there!

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