Acuity Pro is at Pacific Retina Care!

When we first opened Pacific Retina CareSM we tried to create an efficient practice. From how do we set up the floorplan to allow for smooth patient flow?  To which equipment would be best for diagnosing and treating our patient?  To what types of forms do we need and what should they look like? The list was endless. The choices likewise endless.

Before addressing any patient concerns we must assess acuity. How well does a person see?  There are many ways to test this. You can slap a piece of paper with letters on a wall a certain distance from a patient. You can use a projector to do this. You can use an illuminated chart as we initially selected. You can use randomized computerized system with many other options included.

We have a friend who owns a company that makes just this sort of system- Acuity Pro. Way back when we started the practice, his system sat on a table which was not an option in our small exam rooms. Fastforward to today. Our friend Dan Binz, OD’s system is now available as an all-in-one wall mounted computer monitor/CPU. Now we see so many patients that we can justify the need to assess acuities in exam rooms. No, this pricey system is not a good return on investment in that we can not charge extra for this test. But for accuracy and efficiency we thought it was worth it. It is working well. Come see for yourself!

Dr Binz let us use this video.  Please enjoy!

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