AAO is a Place of Learning for Retina Surgeons

It is amazing just how much you can learn if you are open to it. I attended lectures, spoke with colleagues from around the world, and wandered the exhibit hall to learn so much. As usual I spent a good amount of time with MDIntelleSys, our electronic medical record software. I learned ways to be more efficient and shared suggestions to make the program even better.


In surgery, it can be very challenging when people have very small pupils. It is hard to maneuver my instruments let alone see what I need to see. BVI has a very pliable device that can be placed around the pupil to temporarily expand it. They had microscopes, fake eyes and instruments to allow doctors to practice inserting these expander rings. Once the surgeon removes the ring, the pupil goes back to normal. This seems like a better solution to slicing the iris which permanently causes the pupil to be distorted and react poorly to light.
I also attended two days of retina subspecialty courses totalling twenty hours!  Topics included the latest in surgical techniques, business aspects of a retina practice, retinal diagnoses and the latest treatment options.  While one week of study may sound long, the time zoomed by.

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  1. Sammy
    Sammy says:

    Wow! As a photographer, I’ve seen that slicing the iris can be less than ideal. It’s exciting to hear of new advancements that make managing eye issues less stressful and more successful.


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