-By Tammy

As everyone who reads my blog knows, creating Pacific Retina Care has been a long and challenging road.  I have enjoyed every single stress-filled second of it until recently.  Seeing our practice grow from concept to reality is surreal.  The process has been utterly amazing.  But alas we have hit a wall.


My father started running when I was in high school… many moons ago.  He would run around my high school track (Go, Lancers!)… once… then four time, which I told him was a mile… then MILE after MILE.  We convinced him to try running trails around my hometown.  He loved to run around Coyote Hills  and became such an avid runner that he ended up running three San Francisco Marathons!  He used to tell me about ‘hitting a wall’ and how, if he pushed himself just a little more, euphoria would fill him.  Well, our wall felt much more solid.  It felt as if someone was attempting to impede my way with a stiff arm to my forehead.


Business is slower than anticipated.  Insurance payment takes an eternity.  Insurance reimbursement is significantly less than anticipated..  Bills are higher than expected.  All in all we are building a wonderful practice, but are not easily paying our bills.  We are doing everything possible to establish relationships with potential referral sources.  Mark, who is NOT a sales person, visits doctors’ offices in is free time every single week.  We have to dig deep and reassess.  It is painful.


Then something happened out of the blue.  A diversion.  An eye-opener.  A realization that this practice is NOT life and there are other more important things in life.  I believe that God, as usual, was putting things into perspective for me.  I stood up and faced the challenge at hand.  It is not resolved, but I see progress.  I am so proud.  I realize now that business is business.  It should not be all-consuming.  Family and friends and health are much more important.  And then miraculously the phone has not stopped ringing!  So rather than hitting a wall, we have merely experienced our first rut in the road.  Go around it; go over it; we are not giving up yet!

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