-By Tammy

What does the Holiday Season mean to you? For me it is a celebration of the birth of Christ and appreciation of family and friends. Last year, we were so overwhelmed with the new practice that we did not find or make time to truly celebrate. We stayed in Hawaii rather than go to California (as we try to do on at least alternating years). I skipped hosting my Holiday party for friends. Everything was just a little off.

This year felt a tiny bit more stable. We now have Tes to help us at the practice. She has been a blessing. I really missed hosting my annual lunch party, so I purposely took one day off and had my party this year. The theme was “A Reason to Celebrate.” Every guest brought a dish or beverage to share along with copies of the recipe. We assembled cookbooks after feasting on delectable dishes. I had such a wonderful time that I am already planning next year’s event- beverage sharing/recipe exchange with me making lunch. Rather than making favors/treats, I think that we may do an ornament exchange.

This year I decided that the kids and I needed to go to California for the Holidays. I thought that the doctor would meet us for a few days. To my surprise he decided to join us for the entire time. Then to even more surprise, my in-laws decided to come to California between Christmas and the New Year. My kids were able to spend time with both sets of grandparents. Yes, the Holiday Season for me is about Christ, family and friends. I hope that you were surrounded by loved-ones! Here’s wishing you and yours a beautiful 2011!

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