-By Tammy

The only thing that we were taught in Optometry school about business was location, location, location. So, that part I knew. It is not easy to find that perfect location here in Paradise. Some would argue that any location is good enough. I, being the idealist, wanted the perfect location. What were our criteria? We knew that by the nature of retina care, our practice will be elderly. We wanted to accommodate the elderly. Easy access off of the freeway. Easy directions so as not to get lost. Reduced traffic time, so near home. Avoid those challengingly small parking garages. Avoid parking validation stamps for us. Lower level so as to avoid maneuvering stairs and waiting for elevators. Surprise! We found it all at Waikele Professional Center. Granted the costs are pretty steep, but we feel that it will be well worth it. The clean and welcoming building of professionals suits us well.

When we first saw the building they had almost two tenants. The upper level was almost full based on Letters of Intent to Lease. The lower level was one cavernous space. Waikele Center worked with us and created a space to suit us. We realize that this is a huge undertaking and a long arduous process. But we are comforted in knowing that we have a home.

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