–By Tammy

Years ago there was a come­dian named Arse­nio Hall that had his own talk show. He had a seg­ment called Things That Make You Go Hmm. He had the best and most infec­tious laugh to me. I thought of him recently at church. The ser­mon was about a few rev­o­lu­tion­ary priests who pro­posed a new con­cept to cel­e­brate Christ­mas called the Advent Con­spir­acy. It con­sists of three points. First, they sug­gest that we wor­ship fully. Sec­ondly, they sug­gest that we love all. The last point is the one that really struck me– spend less and give more. Father Rick said that one church donated a quar­ter mil­lion dol­lars by giv­ing ONE less gift and donat­ing that money to char­ity. He also said that we Amer­i­cans spent some­thing mind-boggling like 4 bil­lion dol­lars on Christ­mas gifts last year alone. Can you imag­ine what good we could have done with all of that money?

Being a rel­a­tively new prac­tice, we are care­ful with our spend­ing. Last year, to show grat­i­tude to our refer­ring doc­tors, we donate money to both the Amer­i­can Dia­betes Asso­ci­a­tion Hawaii Chap­ter and Food­bank Hawaii dur­ing the Hol­i­day Sea­son. This year we are doing a com­bi­na­tion of things. We ordered cus­tomized tins of Cheryl’s cook­ies. We will also con­tinue the tra­di­tion of giv­ing in honor of our refer­ring doc­tors. Please con­sider giv­ing one less gift and donat­ing that unspent money to the char­ity of your choos­ing. They will be so grate­ful and you will feel great as well. Happy Hol­i­days to All!


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