-By Tammy

We would never have been able to do this without the support and encouragement of family and friends. And thanks to them and our many blessings, we are well into planning our adventure. Our location is secure! See? Suite 102 on the bottom floor. No stairs, no elevator, no parking fee, no challenging parking garage. One big decision made. A practice name, business license, EIN, GE Tax #, business checking account, business credit card, logo/branding/the works, floor plan, shopping, pricing, and more shopping… whew. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

We are working with our builder, architect, electrical engineer, and mechanical engineer to get the plans ready for permitting. I designed the space plan. I feel that I know nothing, but have been told that I do know what I want in a space and how to see patients efficiently. It looks good on paper. I hope that it translates well into reality.

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