How are Those Retinas?

-by Tammy

Aloha!  I know that we have been very quiet.  Just wanted to say hello.  Lots and lots of growing pains.  We continue to welcome more amazing new staff members.  The Pacific Retina Care SM Ohana is growing by leaps and bounds.  Check out our staff page.  We continue to get better and better.  We are trying to work on our flow and efficiency while training new staff members.  MIPS 2018 and our government keep us busy too.  (Maybe don’t google that one.  You will have nightmares.  Teehee.)  The Holidays are also approaching.  We just took a group photo today for our Holiday cards.  I wanted to share that with you too.  Enjoy!

Remember that while we have been quiet online, we are always here for you.  If you need retina care call us.  Take good care of you!  All our best!!!


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